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What is kahnfections all about?
At kahnfections we love to make pastries and desserts with a classic feel.  No fussy decorations or elaborate displays, just the perfect scone or cake or pie.  Something that will remind you of good times and keep you smiling.

Who makes the sweet treats at kahnfections?
kahnfections is the creation of Judy Kahn.  Judy has a professional pastry certificate from Tante Marie's Cooking School.  Prior to starting kahnfections, Judy was a pastry chef at Sandbox Bakery in Bernal Heights.  She also has an amazing team of bakers!

Where are you located?
We are at 3321 20th Street in San Francisco's Mission District 

Do you make cupcakes?
Yes and No... We find the ratio of a whole cake more to our liking.  It is possible to order our cakes in pre-cut finger sized pieces just right for a party.  Contact us for more information or look at some of our photos to see some examples.  However, if you find only cupcakes will do - we can do those, too!

Are any of your items vegan or gluten free?
Yes!  Granola and Granola Bars are vegan.  We have several items daily that are also gluten free.

Do you ship?
We hope to in the future but at this time we are just handling local deliveries.

Who took the beautiful photos of your pastries?
Most of the photos were taken by Mark Dawson of Mark Dawson Studio.

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